ZipDry™ Wicking Head Wrap

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Turbans are a chic and versatile traditional head covering that can be worn in many ways. A turban is ideal for keeping your hair dry while taking a shower or protecting it from excess heat when in a sauna.

The ZipDry™ Wicking Head Wrap is the modern way to get the look of a turban without having to tie anything to achieve the look. Its ingenious design makes it the fast and simple way to create a stunning head wrap. Just pull it over your hair and tuck in the end for a stylish look in the locker room or at home. Add a dazzling brooch for a night out when you don’t have the time to wash or style your hair.


Made of super-soft Microfiber, the ZipDry™ Wicking Head Wrap is also the fast and efficient way to dry your hair. Perfect for post-shower or lazy days at the beach or pool.

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Material: Microfiber

Size: 60x25cm