VitalTouch™ Massage Brush

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Maintain healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout the body for your health and appearance. Fight off and avoid potential diseases and sicknesses. With good circulation, your immune system will function optimally. Get the fresh, healthy, youthful complexion you have always wanted.

VitalTouch™ Massage Brush promotes circulation anywhere you use it. Unblock pores and smooth away dead skin cells which cause dry skin. Look and feel younger and more refreshed. When used on the scalp it encourages hair growth, helps remove product residue, and best of all, releases built-up tension from your day.

Give Your Personal Care Regimen A Reboot!

Body Massage

  • Gently Massage Your Skin And Surface Muscles
  • Improve Blood And Lymph Circulation
  • Help Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite
  • Total Relaxation at Your Fingertips
  • Use It Wet Or Dry


Scalp Massage

The patented anti-tangle bristles gently stimulate your skin or scalp to make you feel refreshed in just one scrub. These precision bristles effectively remove the build-up of bacteria and dead skin which cause dandruff.

Designed to lift and redistribute the natural oils within your hair ensuring a healthy and fully nourished scalp.

Protects your nails from becoming fragile or breaking from deep scrubbing.

For All Hair Types-Whether you have thick hair, coarse hair, short or long hair, this massaging brush gets every inch.

  • Removes Dead Skin & Oil Buildup On Scalp
  • Spa-worthy Scalp Massage
  • Reduces Thinning
  • Stimulates Hair Growth


The VitalTouch™ Massager is made of premium silicone. Hypoallergenic and non-reactive. You can use it to massage in your favorite moisturizer.


Perfect Pampering for the Whole Family – Even Your Pets!