Stantz™ Posture Corrector

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If you suffer from sore necks and shoulders, and even headaches, bad posture may be the root cause. Unhealthy posture can lead to long-term back pain, muscle pain, and other medical problems. The coronal and lumbar section of the frontal plane maintains the gravity balance of the body, reduces the burden on the muscles, and maintains proper alignment. If your alignment is off, it can affect your muscles, digestion, breathing and even sleep.

This is a simple, non-surgical way to correct your posture. Targeting the muscle groups responsible for proper alignment, the Stantz™ Posture Corrector will improve your posture, and help you relieve shoulder and back pain, help minimize a dowager’s hump and improve your overall well-being. Wearing a posture corrector can develop your muscle memory, and you will eventually be able to keep your back straight even without the device.

Suitable for men, women, and youths, the Stantz™ Posture Corrector can play an important role in correcting posture. Perfect for anyone who must stay on one position for extended periods of time, such as office workers, students, and laborers. It can be used at home, office, gym, yoga room and outdoors. Can be worn directly over your clothes, or discretely underneath.

The Stantz™ Posture Corrector is made of super-soft composite fabric and nylon. It is designed with breathable holes in the back and shoulder straps for optimal comfort. This belt is adjustable through the shoulder band to help you achieve a custom fit.