SparklingMagic™ Glass Humidifier

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Most people can tell whether a room is hot or cold the moment they enter it but knowing whether air has a low humidity is not as obvious to us. We can’t really "feel" the moisture content of the air we breathe into our lungs or which touches our skin.

The direct and indirect effects of dry air on our health are significant. Prolonged exposure to a low humidity can result in all sorts of health problems affecting the brain, kidneys, circulation, skin, and eyes. A dry environment causes reduced resistance against chronic and acute airborne pollution, respiratory infections and allergies caused by pollen, bacteria, and viruses. Say goodbye to dryness and sore throats caused by air-conditioned rooms in summer or heating systems in winter.

Maintaining the optimum humidity can benefit your health, which in turn improves your outlook on life and enhances productivity.

This beautifully designed humidifier looks like a designer vase. When lit, the fun magical sparkling may remind you of those old lava lamps! There are 7 LED light color options to suit any mood. It works perfectly as an ambient light or night light.

In addition, you can use it to enhance your environment with aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can reduce stress, freshen air, and purify indoor air. It can refresh your mind and active thinking, help to calm you for more satisfying meditation or relax your body and mind and speed up falling asleep. You can add your favorite scent and enjoy it throughout the day or night.

The SparklingMagic™ Glass Humidifier will quietly humidify, and help you get your most restful sleep. The noise reduction design of less than 30 decibels is like a quiet rural area and will not keep you from getting to sleep or disturb your concentration during the day.


Item Specifications:

Materials: ABS, Polypropelene, and Glass

Size: 15.5 cm x25 cm

Package Contents: Aromatherapy Machine, Power Adapter and Manual

Order your SparklingMagic™ Glass Humidifier today and experience the benefits of improved humidity and aromatherapy!

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