Sayoga™ Hot Yoga Resistance Band

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The Sayogay™ Hot Yoga Resistance Band is a simple way to stay energized and healthy no matter where you are.

It is portable, light weight and ultra-compact. It is amazingly effective and easy to use at home, the office, your favorite park or when you travel. It is easy to use anywhere, anytime. It is the perfect accompaniment to your CrossFit, Insanity, Beach Body, Pilates, or Yoga fitness program. Ideal for toning and strengthening your stomach, waist and legs, arms, hips, and thighs.

The high tensile strength and superior elasticity will give you a workout that will leave you feeling fantastic! The strap offers optimal strength and great stability. It will not lose its shape, tear, or fray.

Materials: Made from premium quality high-strength latex rubber and will not over-stretch.

Comfortable Non-slip Foam Handles