Hercules™ Workout Mat

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Did you know your workout mat should be replaced annually?

A workout mat is a very personal piece of equipment. No matter how much you care for it, your mat eventually becomes infiltrated with perspiration and your skin's natural oils which is a breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, rolling your mat causes dirt to transfer and become imbedded in the texture. Over time, your mat can lose its structural integrity.

This super durable, extra-thick mat is perfect for different workouts and gym exercises such as weight training, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and meditation. The superior non-slip texture provides excellent grip on both sides. This is important to avoid slipping during your movement, reducing the risk of injury.

Made of premium NBR (Nitrile) rubber, this mat is more resistant than natural rubber to oils and acids. It is easy to clean with soapy water.

Material: Premium NBR

Size: 183 cm x 61 cm

Thickness: Choice of 10mm or 15mm