EZSnap™ Magnetic Lace Fastener

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Is your parent or grandparent missing out on healthy activity or social interaction because limited movement or pain in their hands keeps them from tying their laces?

These magnetic fasteners are the fast and easy way to secure running shoes quickly and easily. Anyone can snap them shut!

They are also fantastic for children, sports, and travel. Never waste your time tying laces again!

The smart curved design ensures that the fasteners will be comfortable to wear and will not catch on clothing.


Package includes 2 fasteners, 4 screws and screwdriver. Available in Silvertone, Goldtone or Gunmetal - Fasteners only. Or add the laces of your color choice with Silvertone Fasteners. Some assembly required.

Shoelace Specifications



Width: 0.7cm

Thickness: 0.2cm