Anusara™ 6MM Non-slip Yoga Mat

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Did you know your yoga mat should be replaced annually?

A well-loved yoga mat can lose its integrity. Old yoga mats start to lose traction over time as the textured surface rubs away with use. You will know your mat has reached this point when you start slipping on the mat in certain poses. This increases the risk of falling, especially for those who already have balance or mobility issues, so it is imperative to take it seriously.

No matter how much you care for it, your mat eventually becomes infiltrated with perspiration and your skins natural oils which is a breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, rolling your mat causes dirt to transfer and become imbedded in the texture.

This two-tone, double-layered yoga mat with position lines makes your yoga practice easier. A 6mm mat is ideal for anyone with joint issues as it offers a little more cushioning while maintaining good stability.

Perfect for different workouts and gym exercises, such as yoga, Pilates, and meditation. The non-slip texture provides excellent grip on both sides. This is important to avoid slipping during your movement, reducing the risk of injury.

Made of premium TPE material, glue-free, odorless, resilient, and tear-resistant, very soft for training. TPE is a synthetic rubber that is better for the environment than PVC. TPEs are safe and non-toxic, providing flexibility and performance, used in the design of medical products where superior performance and safety are needed most. It takes less energy to make and is recyclable. Easy to clean with soapy water.

Material: TPE Product

Size: 183 cm x 61 cm x 0.6 cm