MagikSphere™ Therapeutic Ball Massager

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This MagikSphere™ Therapeutic Ball Massager provides multi-directional 360° relief with a smooth, gliding action that is friction-free and doesn't pull on the skin. It is the perfect massage with maximum comfort.

 It is easy and comfortable to use, sized perfectly to fit in the palm of your hand for easy application of pressure. Perform gentle massage across large muscle groups or focused myofascial release on painful knots or trigger points. It can be an even more powerful treatment when placed against the wall or floor for targeted pressure-point relief. Ideal for back, shoulders, arm, hand, hip, calf, and thighs. It’s the best way to have a relieving self-massage or for your partner!

The MagikSphere™ Therapeutic Ball Massager is the perfect healing tool for anyone on the go. It is compact and portable. Measuring 2.36 in. (6 cm) tall by 2.36 in. (6 cm) diameter, it is small enough to slip into a purse, gym bag, carry-on, or office drawer for stress relief any time you need it.

The design is so pretty, you may just want to keep it on display!

Size: 2.36 in. (6 cm) tall by 2.36 in. (6 cm) diameter