Arcobaleno™ Natural-Stone Rainbow Bracelet

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Ignite your inner powers with this colorful healing bracelet!

The Arcobaleno™ Natural-Stone Rainbow Bracelet is exquisitely hand-crafted using premium natural stones, genuine leather, and an intricately detailed stainless steel clasp. The natural stones are not only beautiful to wear, but these stones also have many beneficial healing properties:

  • Natural Amethyst Stone- its energy soothes away the day-to-day stresses that keep you up at night.
  • Natural Lapis Lazuli Stone-helps you reach deep within your spirit to awaken your true destiny and divine purpose.
  • Natural Blue Turquoises Stone- known for impressive metaphysical properties and are powerful healing stones.
  • Natural Green Imperial Jasper Stone- an excellent talisman for those coping with paranoid delusions, entity attachments, or who feel overwhelmed by nightmares. 
  • Natural Yellow Agate- for increased willpower, concentration, memory, and logic.
  • Natural Tiger Eye Stone- gives you the strength to stop dreaming and the courage to start living. 
  • Natural Onyx Stone-encourages wholeness and harmony within your space.


Materials: Natural Stones, Genuine Leather and Stainless Steel

Size:  17 cm / 6.7 inches with 3 size adjustment closures