7 Chakras Lava Rock Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

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Ancient traditions understand the countless healing benefits of understanding the Chakras. Healing and balancing your Chakras can lead to better energy.

Each Chakra is associated with a particular color and reflects a type of vibration or frequency radiating through the chakras.


1 Red – Root Chakra Location: Base of your spine near your tailbone. It symbolizes safety, survival, grounding, nourishment from the Earth energy.

2 Orange – Sacral Chakra Location: Two inches below your belly button. It carries meanings associated with emotions, creativity, sexuality, and is associated with water, flow.

3 Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra Location: Between naval and sternum. It symbolizes mental activities, intellect, personal power, will.

4 Green – Heart Chakra Location: Center of chest. It relates to love, relating, integration, compassion.

5 Blue – Throat Chakra Location: Base of the throat to the center of the eyes. It symbolizes self-expression, expression of truth, creative expression, communication, perfect form, and patterns.

6 Indigo Violet  – Third-eye Chakra Location: Center of forehead between eyebrows. It evokes intuition, extrasensory perception, inner wisdom.

7 Purple –Crown Chakra Location: Two inches above the top of the head. It’s associated with the universal, connection with spirituality, consciousness.


This exotic lava bracelet is a beautiful and subtle reminder to focus on your well-being throughout the day. Use the lava stones as an oil diffuser to combat anxiety or for meditation, grounding, healing, self-confidence, reiki, energy, and aromatherapy.

Focus your attention on the scent of your favorite aromatherapy oil to feel content, calm, and inner peace. Or energize your day with citrus oils to improve your concentration and productivity. Please note that essential oils are not included.


These chakra bracelets are made with the highest quality stones and workmanship. The traditional unisex design is suitable for men and women. 

  • The bead diameter is approximately 8MM
  • Size is adjustable 18-23cm in length


Order your 7 Chakras Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet today and experience the healing effects!

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