Gift Bottle Premium Backflow Incense Cones

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Backflow incense cones send incense smoke downwards and are specifically designed to be used with Backflow Incense Burners.

This is a beautiful bottle of premium scented incense suitable for gift giving. Each bottle contains approximately 58 pieces of deliciously scented backflow cones.

How does a backflow incense work? The backflow incense cone has a tiny hole drilled through it to allow the smoke to flow down the burner to create a beautiful visual effect. Different types of incense cones will change the smoke effect, making it heavier or lighter.

When you light one of these ingenious cones, the smoke cascades down the sculptured burner like a waterfall, creating an evocative scented cloud of incense.  This selection of cone incense has been handpicked to deliver a variety of scents that will bring peace and serenity into your home.

These backflow cones smell great, burn clean and are affordable.


Method For Lighting a Backflow Incense Cone

  • First, light the tip of the backflow incense cone, and allow the top to get glowing hot (allow 4 - 8 seconds of burning before blowing out flame).
  • Next, gently blow out the flame and allow the fragrance to release.
  • Finally, place the cone on the backflow burner. It will take approximately 1 minute for the backflow smoke effect to begin.


Composition: Natural Wood Powder, Natural Clay

Contents: about 58 cones / glass bottle

Dimensions: 2.8 cm high x 1.4 cm wide

Burn Time: approximately 10-15 minutes


Order your Gift Bottle Premium Backflow Incense Cones today and add some incredible fragrance to your backflow burner!

Please Note: Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery